History of Web Hosting


Before the early nineties, there was a commercial restriction placed on any company looking to expand to the World Wide Web.  That meant if a company wanted to place information online, they had to purchase their own web hosting server to store all the data.  Astute entrepreneurs recognized this trend and purchased servers in order to rent out the space to potential companies that were too busy and disinterested to operate their own.  The entrepreneur’s digital monopoly over the internet is what eventually paved the way for the web hosting industry.


With the official introduction of web hosting in 1991, businesses were given the opportunity to expand their revenue steam.  Since that time, web hosting has been made accessible to the masses and anyone who needs an online presence; today, we define it as the process of storing the data and information contained within a website. A web hosting service provides space to store this data & information and supplies connectivity to the internet for its users.  Similar to renting from a landlord, web hosting companies lease a certain amount of space, disk room and network transfer for each client. Web hosting plans vary on factors like function, space, monthly budget, traffic and management.

The World Wide Web is now a secondary avenue where customers in any part of the world can purchase a product and engage with a brand. Space on a server is now widely available and because of continued improvements and trouble shooting, almost anyone can set up and maintain their own website without paying a fortune.

In the past, web hosting was an extremely expensive venture. Presently, small to large corporations can purchase cheap space on a server and choose from a variety of web hosting features and functions.  Websites are an essential tool for any business and, by association, so is web hosting. Every year there are millions upon millions of dollars invested in improving web hosting techniques. If seventeen years has proven anything, it’s that the industry will continue to grow and develop with the demands of the market as outlined by you, the user.



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